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After one minute of recorded voice, this product is able to replicate the characteristics of the call to later replace the original voice with a synthesized one. This AI-based real-time speech synthesis algorithm is able to mimic any human voice just by having a small sample of it.

What can Loquista do for you?

Customized Text-To-Speech: generate audio files with a specific voice from a written text.

Voice design: design a corporate voice that represents your company in your videos, advertisements, audio guides,              e-learning systems, voicemail, etc. A unique voice your customers will recognize worldwide, regardless of the language used.

Real-time voice generator: generate voices with certain characteristics from written text streaming in real-time.

Modify a voice: modify the characteristics of an agent’s voice, such as tone, timbre, emotion or speed in real time. Through the manipulation of an agent’s voice we can maintain their privacy, adapt the characteristics of their voice to the gender and age of the interlocutor or standardize their voice to make it independent of their mood or of certain speech pathologies.

Customized translation: translate in real time a conversation taking place in different languages, whilst ​​imitating the characteristics of the interlocutors’ voices.

Full-text search: search for a word spoken during a conversation through the transcription of that word in real time.

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