Dialo.ga, operator of its own WebRTC platform, informed its investors last week of its excellent outlook for the 2018 fiscal year. In this way, the real time communications operator has secured, through orders, an increase in sales of 30%, reaching a total of $72 million in 2018, with EBITDA slightly higher than $11 million, representing growth of 47% compared to 2017. Dialo.ga closed out the 2017 fiscal year with an EBITDA of $7.5 million.

Sales from 2017, and above all, contracts for 2018 have largely resulted from the company’s gamble three years ago to develop their own real time audio, video and messaging communications platform based on the WebRTC protocol, as well as R&D efforts in the field of Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) focused on the areas of customer service and support, all through the group’s new company utopia.AI, where a large team of doctors and engineers specializing in Deep Learning carries out its work.

All services are presented using their own apps or by integration with third-party apps thanks to the implementation of an integration platform called parthenon.io, where the developer community has the devkits necessary to take advantage of the group’s communications and artificial intelligence resources.

In addition to the great progress made in their different areas of activity, Dialo.ga spent 2017 becoming the only telecommunications operator worldwide with their own network in 29 countries, with over a billion potential clients. And the company has confirmed that it will continue to expand its services around the world in 2018, targeting Eastern Europe and South America next.

This continuous growth was reflected during Q1 2018 with the inauguration of two new commercial and support offices in Miami and Bordeaux and the announcement of an opening in San Diego in the near future. These three locations are key to the operator’s plans to increase their physical presence on the American continent, where they already have one office in New York, and Southern Europe. The first steps in this new expansion phase took place a few months ago when the company announced the opening of a new office in Venice.

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